Successful digitalisation for the future of your pharmacy Our solutions at a glance

Changeable and fast - create your individual view or free choice with just a few clicks.

Our software enables you to create digital posters and offers. By means of a freely adjustable time control the screens always show the appropriate content. This can be oriented to your daily business, for example, and is therefore perfectly tailored to your customers.

Due to the direct link to your merchandise management system, the screens also always show the current prices. You decide whether you want to display offers, services, the current weather or the emergency service for your customers. If you integrate an automatic picking machine, you can even retrieve the goods via our touch screens.

One Software for displays

One system - full connectivity of all digital elements in your pharmacy on one platform. The software solution of adcommander is browser-based and intuitive to use. For a wide range of applications from the office to the back office.

Templates and individual contents

Offers linked to the merchandise management system, useful additional content and individual marketing content can be conveniently displayed. Choose from ready-made templates or create them yourself in no time at all.

Interfaces and integrations

The digital solutions can be linked by means of predefined interfaces, for example to the merchandise management system, the pharmacy chamber or also to the [order picking machine] ( for retrieval.


In our self-service solutions (Active Shelf, Self-Service Terminal, translation functions are integrated into freely selectable languages.

Very easy handling

No need to make any complicated settings, just get started right away. The software is intuitive and available in three different application packages.

Future-proof solutions

Benefit from the continuous further development of our products. We will inform you about innovations on request. Please fill in our form for this purpose.

Digital Butler

Stele for digital access control and targeted customer information
With the digital entrance light Digital Butler, controlled waiting becomes easier. The signalling as well as the safety instructions can be understood across cultures and languages. The customers feel that they are treated fairly and equally due to the automated process. This ensures less agitated waiting and quiet customers. A pragmatic solution with image enhancement for your pharmacy.

The perfect eye-catcher for your pharmacy

Limited space in the shop window and no time for complex displays?You can inform customers about your services and offers with animated and alternating displays in the shop window.Our displays are extremely bright, heat and UV resistant and designed for continuous use.If necessary, the ApoScreen automatically switches to the current emergency service display once the shop is closed.

Self-Service Display

New shopping experiences through our virtual self-service

Reduce waiting times and enable your customers to discover products interactively and independently. You can choose between individual content or material provided by the pharmaceutical industry. Using time control, the content can be adjusted to different target groups or long-term campaigns can be planned. OTC and free choice products on high-resolution screens create a modern and calm atmosphere and allow more information and service for your customers.

OTC Display

Tell stories with our virtual behind-the-counter range

Attract needs in a targeted manner and convey the benefits of the products to the customer. The touch function on the displays allows the user to access indication-based digital shelves or to retrieve articles from the storage and retrieval system. Even with non-touch screen, the web control allows targeted, suitable content to be accessed at any time.

Consulting Desk Display

The bridge between customer and pharmacy

The quality of the consultation is significantly improved by a touch screen directly in the HV area. The content of the conversation is visually accompanied and with simple clicks the individual information for the personal consultation is compiled. This enables comprehensive customer focus. Thanks to an automatic interface to the apo prompt database, you will always find the actual list of current OTC products.

The swivel and tilt monitor ensures that the customer remains in focus and eliminates the need to walk through the officine and back office to find the right product. This digital solution enables a new form of interaction which leads to improved quality of advice through customer participation.

Mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone)

Various software versions allow for versatile use

If you use tablets instead of recessed displays in the retail area, you do not need to rebuild and can take the tablets with you from the retail area to the consultation room, if required. During the conversation more information about the selected product can be displayed. The navigation by symbol quickly and reliably navigates to the desired indication. The tablet assists to overcome communication difficulties through translation of the content into different languages.

In case you've installed those, you can easily control the content and adverts appearing the large displays with this tablet.

Self-Service Terminals

More freedom and service for your customers

Reduce waiting times through interactive shopping experiences and offer even more service. For example, with the integrated translation function into freely selectable languages.

Our self-service centre with integrated touch screen, receipt printer and barcode scanner turns the office into an interactive information area.The customer quickly reaches the desired product by touching the symbols. This solution also allows you to use your own combination of products or existing content via subscription.Selected articles are printed out on paper and thus form the basis for further consultation or sale, e.g. at an express checkout.

Create mood - create a feel-good atmosphere

Large video and panoramic content across several screens creates a shopping atmosphere or turns into digital posters in no time at all.

Active Shelf - The interactive presentation shelf

High-quality product ranges can be experienced, presented in a theft-proof and space-saving manner

The combination of digital information and actual testers brings together the best of both shopping worlds. Customers can interactively inform themselves and simultaneously experience the products with all their senses. The use of testers, digital information and printed QR codes facilitates the safe storage of the physical goods in the machine and helps to minimise inventory differences.

Customer Stopper

Setting incentives even before the pharmacy

The digital customer stopper "adStand" serves to present offers and services even in front of the pharmacy. It is an efficient advertising tool to use targeted content to draw the attention of passers-by and customers and to encourage them to visit your pharmacy. Thanks to the simple software solution, you can quickly and easily change the content (just like with the free and viewable displays) at any time, adapt it individually or even have it played automatically and scheduled.

Emergency Service Display

Uncomplicated information even after closing time

The displays used for free and visual selection can be automatically converted into an emergency service display after closing time. This provides up-to-date information at all times through a direct interface with your pharmacy chamber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of digital action panels?

Our digital solutions attract attention. This allows you to offer your customers an even better service and gives you more time for consultation.

What information can be shown on the displays?

In addition to ready-made templates and videos, any desired image information can be displayed. Actions, local weather information and the current emergency service plan are also available.

How do I create the contents?

The information displayed on the screens can be quickly and easily created by using a simple, intuitive software through a cloud application from any Internet-enabled device. You decide when and how long which information is to be displayed.

These pharmacies use digital signage (excerpt)

Are you curious about what content can be visualised?


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