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The feeder is a genuine tool that accelerates repetitive processes. It relieves the team at the pharmacy from monotonous and non-value-adding activities. The feeder allows faster and safer storage on your Apostore dispensing robot (compatible with all models).

Fully automated storage

Thanks to its intelligent precision technology, the feeder separates drug packages of all common sizes and weights. It scans the barcodes and identifies each product, recognises the expiry date via OCR plain text reading and transfers the packages with their recorded data to the storage and retrieval system.

High degree of automation

Even during direct delivery processing, special packages and returns can be inserted into the roller storage system simultaneously. An interaction that preserves the high level of automation.


Feeder and machine work together and yet independently of each other. This achieves a high degree of speed, safety and performance.


At a width of only 0.45 m, it fits into narrow spaces.


Upgrading is quick and easy.


Just pour the content of the wholesale box into the feeder. This relieves your workforce a great deal.


Medication is reliably identified and transported to the storage and retrieval systems.

How the Feeder works and optimises your workflow

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With the feeder you can store medication quickly and safely in your pharmacy dispensing system (A1000, A2000, A3000 or Cube+). While the fully automated storage processes direct delivery, special packages and returns can be inserted into the roller storage system simultaneously.

Each medication is individually separated and scanned before being safely identified and transported to the storage and retrieval machine. The relief at goods receipt is palpable for you and your team. By simply emptying the content of the wholesale box into the feeder, the amount of work is reduced. It is always possible to upgrade at any time. Due to its slim structure, the feeder also fits into machines with limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which machines is the feeder suitable?

The feeder is a fully automatic storage system suitable for each of the Apostore dispensing robots.

What are the benefits of the feeder?

The feeder speeds up the filling process of your picking machine through fully automatic storage. Special packages can be inserted into the roll storage at the same time. As a result, you gain even more time for customer service and the sale of OTC and behind-the-counter products. Staff, that was previously responsible for storage, can now work in other areas of the business. Every medication is identified reliably and stored in your picking machine.

Is it possible to install the feeder retrospectively?

It is possible to retrofit the feeder to every Apostore dispensing robot at any time.

Technical data

Mounting surface1800 x 450 mm (LxW)
Construction height770 mm (H)

FeatureFully automated or Induction device
Storage timeØ 110-150 packages / h
Function scope Standard1D barcodes 2D barcodes (data matrix) OCR character reading (expiration date)
Article propertiescubic locked securely
min. size of products20 x 20 x 40 mm (WxHxL)
max. size of products 100 x 100 x 180 mm (WxHxL)
min. weight of products5 g
max. weight of products500 g
power requirements230 V / 16 A
Attachment variable on the long side
Compatibility all dispensing robot models and series (A1000, A2000, A3000, Cube+)

Curious about the options offered by the Feeder?


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