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The future of the pharmacy

What will pharmacies be like in the future? For years, the pharmacy has undergone constant, gradual change. In recent years, the main focus has been on efficient stock management, personnel resources and time savings for the pharmacist, but now new initiatives are driving the pharmacy’s move towards digitalisation.

Digital prescriptions, e-commerce also in registered pharmacies, 24-hour and self-service terminals as well as the demanding expectations of a new generation of customers have made the omni-channel business model a practical reality for pharmacies. In addition, the expected lack of qualified staff among PCAs and PTAs is a further incentive for pharmacies to push ahead with plans for the future.

What does digitalisation entail?

What exactly does digitalisation mean for small and medium-sized businesses and in particular for the traditional pharmacy? The digitalisation of the work environment involves the interlinking individual processes for pharmacies. Already existing processes are mapped digitally or even automated to save process stages. This is why digitalisation is often referred to as a synonym for automation. By interlinking the workflow, resources are used in an optimal way and data is immediately available to all employees. Daily tasks such as expiration date maintenance, stock differences or handling returns are simplified. The much higher storage capacity and digital posters save space and consequently rental costs.

Customer journey through your pharmacy

The KNAPP subsidiaries Apostore GmbH and adcommander GmbH are changing and integrate the online world and the traditional pharmacy. The sophisticated end-to-end solutions by both companies offer advantages that make everyday life and work considerably easier. The automated dispensing machines by Apostore with their user-friendly software dash! will continue to be the heart of the pharmacy of the future. High-resolution shop window displays, digital posters in the pharmacy and self-service terminals by adcommander create a perfect customer journey through the pharmacy of the future. Waiting times are reduced by interactive touchscreens and give customers the opportunity to independently obtain detailed information about the products at their own convenience. Apps providing information about new products and collecting medication ordered will attract customers and create long-term customer loyalty for pharmacies. A 24-hour terminal allows OTC products or ordered medication to be dispensed around the clock, replacing courier services. Integrated and smooth processes create new value for pharmacists and customers.

More know-how from one source

Mechanical engineering and hardware will play a key role in the future. The machine must keep up with the requirements of the software. The technology used by Apostore and adcommander, including the service network, provides the necessary quality for the future.

What is important is to understand that digital transformation is never triggered by technology, it is always about solving a problem or providing a new approach for customers. The customer-focused solution is always the starting point for the future pharmacy.

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