This versatile classic will fit perfectly into any pharmacy. Whether roller or drawer storage, you will always choose fast storage technology.


up to 40,000 packages


up to 300 packages/h

Functional safety and reliability

High-quality materials, long-term spare parts warranties, on-demand video surveillance, maintenance outside business hours and a 24/7 hotline are only some of the advantages. This way you have time to attend to your customers.

Ideal for small and medium-sized pharmacies

High flexibility for structural challenges. Suitable for smart solutions around columns, heating pipes, chimneys and other installations that require recesses in the machine. Two options (A1000e/A1000) in machine width and shelf depth further increase flexibility.

Efficient processes

Expiration date control, storage speed, error minimisation and useful statistical reports through our software dash! will optimise your processes noticeably.


24h hotline, service technicians on-site and the Apostore solution centre providing training and process support.


By combining several orders, you can serve a large number of customers quickly and efficiently.


The A1000 can handle round, bundled or large packages reliably.


You can choose the level of automation and adjust it at any time.

How the A1000 works and optimises your workflow


Compatible with Cube+ and A1000.

With our space-saving feeder you can upgrade your Cube+ or A1000 for automated storage. Due to its fully automatic operation, it stores up to 200 packages per hour.


Compatible with Cube+, A1000, A2000 and A3000.

Our patented cleaning system automatically and regularly cleans the shelves of the Apostore machines.

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Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Frequently asked questions

Does the A1000 fit into my place?

The Apostore A-series machines are designed to fit your spatial requirements exactly. Thanks to a high degree of customisation, we can also redesign wall projections and chimneys, but also integrate outputs at almost any point. We do not ignore future developments and plan the machine to be sufficiently large for the future of your pharmacy right from the start.

How many packages can I store?

It depends on the size in which we can design and build your new Apostore machine. Also, your packages make a big difference. We will gladly carry out a detailed stock analysis with your data to obtain the most accurate possible information about the capacity of the desired machine.

What jobs will the A1000 do for me?

The A1000 makes everyday processes in your pharmacy easier. It handles the stocking of goods, general warehouse maintenance and processing of returns. There is no need to walk to the drawers or to search for and sort medicines. This saves you valuable time for your customer service.

Technical data

Width (A1000e)1.60 m
Width (A1000)1.27 m
Height2.00 m – 3.60 m
Height grid10 cm
Length3.10 m – 12.10 m
Length grid50 cm
Shelf depth (A1000e)40 cm
Shelf depth (A1000)24 cm

Possible locationsGround floor, basement, first floor
StorageFace up or on side
Storage time120 packages in Ø 8 min. Ø 300 packages/h
Dispensing timeØ between 8 and 12 sec. Ø 300 packages/h
Transferable packages Cubicmin. pack dimensions 15 x 15 x 35 mm (WxHxL) max. pack dimensions 140 x 120 x 195 mm (WxHxL)
Transferable packages Cylindricalmin. pack dimensions 15 x 35 mm (HxØ) max. pack dimensions 120 x 140 mm (HxØ)
Weight5 – 1200 g
BarcodesDetection and processing of PZN, PZN8, EAN, 2D barcodes
Current consumption400 volt
Energy consumptionIn operation approx. 340 watt/h In stand-by less than 70 watt/h
SecurityUPS (emergency operation for approx. 60 min.) Cold standby computer optional Add. data backup to ext. hard drive Remote monitoring
Conveyor technologyCustom conveyor technology based on project planning (conveyor belts, lifts, slides, pneumatic posts etc.)
ColoursOver 500 different colour options available on request

Standard equipmentGreenline technology / Energy manager Combipick (reduces dispensing times by combining several items) Multipick (sorted dispensing of several items) Verifier (item verification: comparison with existing database. Potential defective packages are shown and can be monitored after goods have been received) Storage location printer Video system/camera
OptionsApoClean Feeder Feeder with OCR recognition Drywall enclosure XL gripper

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