A butler for the pharmacy visit

The award in the "Solution for the Crisis" category of the „eAward“ business award went to the "Digital-Butler", a customer flow management system this summer. The solution was developed by the German digitization specialist Apostore from Gelsenkirchen within just three weeks from idea to market launch. We spoke to Apostore Managing Director Christopher Thielen about that topic.

What is the goal of the "Digital Butler"? What is your target group?

C. Thielen: With our Digital Butler we offer an appropriate solution for the first customer contact before entering the pharmacy store. The Digital Butler from Apostore was developed as a stele for contactless entry controls, waiting communication and a targeted control of customer flows.

What was solved particularly well?

C. Thielen: The butler's great added value is the software and its future-oriented, flexible possible applications. The whole digital solution portfolio of Apostore is controlled via one software and offer variable use according to pharmacy-specific requirements.

What challenges did you face during implementation?

C. Thielen: It was crucial to us to design the Digital Butler in such a way that we can respond to current but also future needs of pharmacies at all times via the software. Other aspirations were low weight and an easy commissioning.

What is the core business of your company in general? Who are your customers?

C. Thielen: Apostore has been developing and producing solutions for pharmacies in Gelsenkirchen for over 20 years to simplify daily work of pharmacy staff. Existing processes are digitized or automated to save work steps and increase efficiency. The Digital-Butler is a central, first point of contact and the interface for the further course of the"customer journey" in business premises, especially in pharmacies. "The customers are protected and the pharmacies have complied with all hygiene regulations - in this way, it is user-friendly, service-oriented, simple and clear to use," is the reason given by the eAward jury.


Interview "Report" with Christopher Thielen