Apostore Apoclean MG 5527p


The handling of cardboard packaging inevitably generates paper dust. The individual shelves must be emptied and cleaned - even at a height of over three metres and with thin shelf heights of 30 mm. This cannot be done manually. ApoClean will do this job for you!

Linking two work processes

During the automatic cleaning of the shelves, the storage is automatically optimised in the same process stage.

Flexible application possibilities

The ApoClean can be used in a versatile way. It is possible to individually carry out cleaning or at regular intervals based on a schedule.

One problem less

It guarantees that only clean packages are delivered to your customers or returned to the wholesale trade.

How ApoClean works and relieves the workload for the pharmacy

The shelves are automatically cleared by the gripper arm, cleaned with a cleaning block and then refilled from time to time, at the weekend or at night. In doing so, the storage is also simultaneously optimised

Apostore Apoclean Cleaning MG 5497p

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