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iScan 3.0

The new OCR identification system by Apostore makes it possible to read the pharmaceutical central number, the data matrix code as well as printed expiry dates in one step.

Synergies optimise processes

Deploying the iScan 3.0 alongside our dash! software creates perfect synergies for you and your storage and retrieval system.

Transparency during storage

The iScan 3.0 is intended to assist with the authentication and inspection of goods at the time of receipt.

Processing of different shapes

The iScan 3.0 processes square and cylindrical shapes.

Throughput (items/h)

The iScan 3.0 processes up to 500 packages per hour with six LED bar lights providing illumination.

Reading rate character reading

The reading rate of character reading is over 90%.

How the iScan 3.0 functions and provides complete transparency for storage.

Apostore i Scan Automatische Scannung You Tube Capture

Six cameras take photos of the articles from all angles and achieve a recognition rate of over 90%. An ergonomically designed correction function provides support even for printed images that are difficult to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the iScan 3.0 read?

The iScan 3.0 OCR Recognition System enables a simultaneous reading of all item information in a single operation. This includes the pharmaceutical central number of the data matrix code as well as the printed expiration dates.

Is the scanner compatible with SecurPharm?

The iScan 3.0 meets the requirements of the EU Counterfeiting Directive. This means that potential counterfeit prescription drugs are identified immediately.

Is it possible to install iScan 3.0 retrospectively?

Your Apostore machine can be upgraded with the iScan 3.0 at any time. For the installation our software dash! is required, which must be installed in advance.

Technical Data

EquipmentiScan 3.0
Function scope1D barcodes (pharma central number) 2D barcodes (data matrix) OCR character reading (expiration date)
Character reading rate97% (low)
Throughput (article/h)500
Camera6x GGR7 Ethernet industrial cameras
dash! IntegratedIntuitive user interface Optional user interaction

Are you interested in complete transparency regarding the storage of medication?


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