With this user-friendly software you simplify your processes

The Münster-based start-up Kaitos specialises in process-optimising AI solutions for medium-sized companies. Its main focus is image recognition. With Rezept-Digital the focus is also on images. Or rather the photo of a prescription!

If a customer takes a photo of the doctor's prescription and sends it to you by e-mail, it is possible to read the displayed data with the software by Kaitos and transfer it to your merchandise management system within a few seconds. The first provider of the software is the pharmacy computer centre (ARZ) Darmstadt, which also handles the distribution of the software in cooperation with Kaitos. “ARZ is currently mapping Rezept-Digital in the CORA merchandise management system,” says Kaito’s CEO Marcel Windau. But that will not be all. “We are currently in discussions with other suppliers of merchandise management systems to ensure that Rezept-Digital will be available in every pharmacy in the future”, promises ARZ Managing Director Michael Dörr.

“Everything is in compliance with GDPR. We do not store sensitive data. We only work with servers located in Germany.”

Data protection is guaranteed, assures the Kaitos CEO.

The artificial intelligence of the software manages possible interfering factors. It can eliminate shadows on the images, which have been caused by poor light or creases in the paper, as well as other defects (such as a weak print image or images taken at an angle). It will reliably and explicitly extract the necessary data, i.e. the name, address and insurance number of the customer, the doctor's address and the medication. This information can be saved in the desired format.

If you upload an image using Rezept-Digital, the data will be extracted by the Kaitos technology in Münster and then sent to you in fully encrypted form. Rezept-Digital is linked to pharmaceutical databases. This allows you to add more information to your new data record. This includes the pharmaceutical registration number (PZN) as well as information on how to consume the medication and it is also possible to check the validity of the prescription and existing discount contracts with health insurance providers.

And it is a viable solution. Dr. Peter Kettmann, AI developer at Kaitos: “We structured Rezept-Digital so that it can also be integrated as an industry-wide solution as soon as the e-prescription is available country-wide.”