The pharmacists' association is developing a web app

Common standards for the electronic prescription

The e-prescription

The law for greater security in pharmaceutical supply (GSAV) provides for the introduction of an electronic prescription (e-prescription) by 2020. In May 2019, the German Pharmacists' Association (DAV)) agreed to assume responsibility for developing a technical solution. According to the DAV, there are plans for a neutral web application that functions on PCs, smartphones and tablets without having to install proprietary software. Nor is registration necessary.

This means:

The doctor uploads the prescription in encrypted format to a central server and issues the patient with a code that allows the patient to access and read the prescription online. Patients can also use the code to authorise a pharmacy of their choice to process the prescription.

But the pharmacist needs the healthcare profession card to download the prescription. At the same time, the pharmacist issues a bill, which is forwarded to the health insurance provider together with the doctor's prescription once the medication has been handed out.

According to the experts, this solution guarantees that patients will remain in control of their data. In addition, the procedure also ensures that the bill contains the actual medication was handed out, in case discount contracts or intolerance require a different medication than the one listed on the prescription.