KNAPP Smart Solutions allows you to plan

Benefit from the know-how of the inventor of storage and retrieval machines.

Reaching the goal together

Especially the start of a project poses great challenges. Different service providers have to be brought together and processes have to be esteblished and coordinated.

Even before the planning phase begins, we sit down with setters and pharmacy teams and explore the first options. Then, together and piece by piece, a well thought-out solution is developed for your individual requirements. With a uniform understanding of the goals, technology, work processes and appearance become compatible and the result is a perfect fit.


We have enjoyed more than 30 years of success as a pioneer of gripper technology and handling specialist. Throughout the years, we have continuously developed our technical experience and we know the demands of the pharmacies in detail.

Tailor-made solutions

We assist you in planning and realising your plans in the most diverse architectural conditions. The glass machine as an eye-catcher in the pharmacy, the installation over different floors, recessing a pillar, the installation in excavations to gain height, as well as the casing of the machine with quick partition walls - we can implement your plans.


Apostore's technology will satisfy your requirements and provide a quiet and peaceful environment within the pharmacy. The actual structure is simple. With few built-in parts, our machines are fail-safe and low maintenance. They are self-cleaning and offer a high degree of automation.

Request your data package now

We have created a comprehensive data package for smooth cooperation with furnishers, architects, fitters, shopfitters and interior designers.

This allows you to easily incorporate our automated picking machines into your designs, check feasibility, test design options and, last but not least, strategically plan the customer journey in the dispensary as well as processes in the back office.

A wide range of planning options

In order to simplify the planning and to support it from scratch, there are many options. For example, the storage stations can be positioned in a flexible and free way. Storage and retrieval is possible on either side of the machine or fully automatic.


Due to low self-heat generation and standby mode, Apostore machines are very energy efficient. The service life is extended by refreshment packages and a guaranteed supply of spare parts. Our machines are extremely quiet so that it is really possible to work comfortably close to the machine.

Solutions for the pharmacy of the future?

The digitalisation of the work environment involves the interlinking individual processes for pharmacies. Already existing processes are mapped digitally or even automated to save process stages. The technology used by KNAPP Smart Solutions, including the service network, provides the necessary quality for the future.

Get non-binding planning data

You receive a comprehensive package with planning files (planning modules, product images, brochures).