Apoteket Dalumcentret

Tommerup, Denmark

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121.78 m² shelf space 3.20 m high 10,555 packages L 4.61 m x W 1.58 m x H 3.20 m

“Ernst” the robot is an indispensable part of our team

The pharmaceutical supply gets bigger every day and it is logistically challenging for any pharmacy to stock everything and still run a sensible business. The solution to this issue is a high-end, modern robot designed to make you forget all about doing inventory or tidying up your stock ever again.

Any pharmacy acknowledges the need for a logistical mastermind in order to accommodate the many new products in the pharmaceutical business. Not only does it take up a lot of space, it is a tremendous task to control the inventory of so many items, not to mention the fact that medicine expires and must be controlled thoroughly.

In the Dalum Center in Odense, the pharmacy has not only found the perfect solution to the challenge, they have also gained sort of a new colleague in the process. About two years ago Ppharmacist and Oowner Yvonne Hummelmose decided to install an APOSTORE robot in the pharmacy. The robot grew very popular very quickly. In fact, so popular and tthe staff named him Ernst.

“The robot has made everything easier for us. Inventory runs automatically and items are stocked in an orderly manner before the day begins. Previously this would be a logisticals nightmare and we would have to spend several days doing inventory just to make sure that dated products were taken out of stock. Today this task is done in a few seconds by just three clicks on the computer,” says Yvonne Hummelmose.

The secret to this genius solutions is the APOSTORE A1000. A modern robot technology with intelligent algorithms that optimizes the inventory and keeps track of all the data necessary to having all the right products available at the right time, and to keep a high level of security in handling the medicine. Ordering new medicine happens automatically and the robot takes expiration dates into account when picking items from the stock.

The robot takes up quite a lot of space in the store but it’s space that I am happy to give up in order to know that my inventory runs perfectly and fully optimized, providing my business with a bigger profit and a more efficient team.

Yvonne Hummelmose

Focus on the customers

Yvonne Hummelmose can’t imagine running a pharmacy without a robot today. For several reasons, one of them being the fact that not having to worry so much about the inventory gives the staff much more time to concentrate on the customers.

In the ‘good old days’ we would be running around the pharmacy to find the medicine for the customer. Now all we have to do is request the medicine on the computer at the counter. Ernst then picks it from the stock and within a few seconds the medicines slides out from the robot behind the counter, ready to be sold / handedsold given to the customer. This procedure has reduced our customer transaction expedition time significantly.

Yvonne Hummelmose

The staff is happy about the calmer work environment and Ernst has become a vital part of the team. They do about 300 customer transactions expeditions at the pharmacy every day and now haves more time to advise the customers on medicine and still service expedite every customer faster than before Ernst became part of their working day.

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Compatible with Cube+, A1000, A2000 and A3000.

Our patented cleaning system automatically and regularly cleans the shelves of the Apostore machines.