Apotheke Zürn

Zimmern, Germany






ApoClean conveyor belts and spiral chutes


7.36 m² 2.80 m height 9,600 packages L 4.60 m x W 1.60 m x: 2.80 m

The Zürn Apotheke is not only a pharmacy, but also a service provider offering excellent customer services. When Stefan Zürn refurbished his pharmacy, he decided to use a storage and retrieval machine by Apostore. The A1000e won him over with its individual installation options and the considerable space savings in the pharmacy.

A conveniently silent machine

Apotheke Zürn is very popular in Zimmern. Because of the high volume of customers, it was especially important to install a quiet machine in order to provide the best possible customer service.

More time for consultations

Since using the A1000e removes the necessity to walk to the drawers, it allows us to provide continuous customer service. The significant time savings mean more freedom and more satisfied customers.

I can now stay with my customers and establish a much more personal contact thanks to Apostore.

Stefan Zürn

The pharmacy's furnishings and equipment


Compatible with Cube+, A1000, A2000 and A3000.

Our patented cleaning system automatically and regularly cleans the shelves of the Apostore machines.