Panda Apotheke

Gelsenkirchen, Germany

In use since





ApoClean virtual behind-the-counter Screen


13.8 m² 2.90 m height 17,300 packages L 7.89 m x W 1.75 m x H 2.90 m

Anette Gill and her team have been serving their customers in Gelsenkirchen for years. Through intensive consultation, they aim to find a remedy for each customer's complaints. The high demands of everyday business require not only top performance from the team, but also the latest technology.

Apostore provides individual solutions for every pharmacy

The Panda Pharmacy has to deal with intensive consultations and a particularly comprehensive warehouse every day. These are the challenges have called for a strong partner like Apostore, who is not confident with standard solutions and who provides tailor-made solutions.

State-of-the-art technology for the pharmacy

The customised solution with tailor-made extensions, such as integrating virtual view selection Screens to the Apostore comissioning automat, not only convinced Anette Gill and her team, but also plenty of the customers. The highest technical level assures exceptional consulting competence in all matters relating to health and well-being.

Our Apostore A3000 offers a high degree of safety and allows us to spend time for extraordinary advisory with our customers.

Anette Gill

Equipment of this pharmacy


Compatible with Cube+, A1000, A2000 and A3000.

Our patented cleaning system automatically and regularly cleans the shelves of the Apostore machines.


The complete solution by Apostore with extreme performance and safety reserves.