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dash! presents the most important data and statistics at a glance. The Apostore dispenser can be conveniently controlled via the user interface and all necessary information is available to your team at any time.

Simplify the receipt of goods

With dash! you can directly scan the delivery note codes instead of scanning each package individually.

Efficient procurement planning

When is which product required? The daily and weekly dash! statistics will show you. You will be able to order the goods in a strategic manner.

Maintaining an overview

When is what added to the stock? With the list functions by dash! you will always have an overview of the current situation.


The tedious entering of passwords during ongoing business operations is no longer necessary.


The smart user interface can be customised to the needs of each employee.


This allows you to assess whether there is still sufficient storage space available in the machine.


You can give your Apostore machine an individual name.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of the software?

dash! optimises the day-to-day processes in your pharmacy. The graphic user interface allows you to monitor all processes of your Apostore machine at any time with the touch of a button. The highlights of the system include, among other things, monitoring expiration dates, detailed weekly and daily statistics, individual list creation or tracking of each individual article.

Is it possible to install dash! retrospectively?

dash! can be retrofitted to any Apostore machine, provided that the appropriate hardware is available. Our engineers will check your current hardware and will upgrade it, if necessary.

Will there be an induction to the operation of the machine?

Apostore offers a complete package including installation and user instruction for dash! Our qualified staff will introduce you to all functions of the software, which are also provided in a comprehensive manual.

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