Tailor-made solutions for your pharmacy

Whether in rural areas, in suburbs or in cities, whether 100 or 500 customers per day: we provide you with solutions that are an exact fit for your pharmacy. Our software and storage and retrieval systems provide a whole new level of safety when handling medication.

Category Management

Thanks to more efficient processes, a more extensive product range and larger storage capacities, the annual net turnover has risen by up to eight percent, as our customers' experience shows.

The pharmacy of the future

This is how you gain more time for your customers: with the help of our storage and retrieval machines, you and your team can concentrate on what really matters, namely providing good customer service.

Hospital solutions

The dispensing of medication in hospital pharmacies poses increased demands on safety, speed and storage quantity. Our Apostore 3000 machine with its powerful equipment is designed for this purpose.

The Branding Effect

User story from Denmark: the A3000 storage and retrieval machine has delivered real benefits for customers and staff alike. Almost all tasks that previously had to be carried out by hand are no longer necessary.

How could your individual solution look like?