Hospital solutions

Large-scale pharmaceutical logistics

Apostore also provides integrated solutions for hospital logistics, covering everything from goods receipt to goods issue. Our machines are ideal for use by wholesalers, distribution centres or hospitals.

Process optimisation

The Apostore A3000 is equipped as standard with a scalable shelf aisle with steel shelves for maximum storage density, a reliable two-arm gripper system, a storage workstation, storage and retrieval trays and a tailor-made software solution. A key advantage is the extra time saved by the direct transfer of tasks to the machine from the merchandise management system. The transport containers are filled automatically by the machine and can then be distributed to the respective stations.

We enable the storage and retrieval of all products from the hospital pharmacy

In addition to the storage and retrieval systems, the Apostore Paperless Picking Software (APPS) can be used for electronically supported storage and retrieval of all products held in the hospital pharmacy. At the same time, the system organises products both inside and outside the machine, e.g. infusions.

Designed for large-scale use


The complete solution by Apostore with extreme performance and safety reserves.